The Honest Leaf FAQ


Are your teas made in Canada? Yes! All of our teas are made in Toronto.

Do you source your ingredients locally? We try our best to source some ingredients locally, however, due to our climate we source most of our ingredients from countries around the world. 

Are your teas certified organic? We truly want to provide our customers with the highest quality ingredients possible. Mostly all of the ingredients used in our teas are certified organic and we are making the shift to become 100% organic. 

Why don't you put "certified organic" on your label? All of our ingredients that say organic are "certified organic," however our facility is not. Therefore we are not able to put "certified organic" on our labels. 

Will your slim tea make me skinny? The short answer is no. Our slim tea is all about helping to balance your blood sugar using ingredients like Ceylon cinnamon, ginger and Pu'erh tea. We believe that a healthy lifestyle begins with balancing blood sugar and enjoying everything in moderation. 

Do you wholesale your products? Yes! We would love to chat with you about our products. Feel free to contact us at

Do you make custom blends? We offer custom blending and private labelling for businesses looking to expand their brand and offerings. Please refer to our custom tea page for more information.